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Bread Way Educational Program

"Bread Way" is 3 hrs. long-term theatrical training program for participants of all ages. In the course of the program, visitors take part in the bread-making process, in the rituals of honoring the bread, and mixing them with ancient dishes. Created in an authentic 19th-century peasant farmhouse environment, folk music chapels, occupational worker clothing, actions and language illustrate the traditions and customs of peasant life. Participants can not only observe the process of baking bread, but also participate in it: they form themselves loose bread loafs, roll out and take away their own bread. While the bread is baking, the participants are introduced to the long bread path - from sowing rye to baked bread on the table, seeing the oldest tillage, cereal processing implements, antique utensils, can try to rip rye poppies, ground with stone mills, hear about the belief in magic bread power, which determines harvest, human, family life, participates in the quiz of ancient grooves. Ancient songs, dances, games are taught. With the help of multimedia, available antique items allow participants to become program participants, not observers, and they can compare the bread baking works of the past with modern bread baking. This program has received a lot of good feedback not only among the residents of the district, schools, kindergartens, but also in the whole region of Samogitia. Visitors from Latvia, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Romania came to the educational program. Educational program "Bread Way" has evolved, changed, grown until it got its unique, unique form and in recent years has become an event that represents the whole area, and it has positive results.