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Discover Yourself Project


in 2015 October 1 - the start date of the "Discover yourself" project, but direct work with young people aged 14-29 who are not working, studying, inactive and not registered at the labor exchange. people started only from February 2016. If they agree, young people are included in the JGI project "Discover Yourself".

Over the course of nineteen months, 101 young people were included in the project, and individual activity plans were created for them, in order to provide young people with means of promoting activity, depending on what offer the young person wants to receive: work, study or practice. These services are provided according to the individual needs of each young person, applying various forms of work with youth and non-formal education methods, paying the most attention to individual work.

24 young people chose volunteering, 15 got a job, 21 young people started studying in the education system. Others are still waiting for quality job offers and participate in activities according to individual activity plans.

Thank you for your cooperation and help in finding young people who do not work, do not study, are inactive and are not registered in the labor market, to the employees of the wards and to all people of good will.

The project "Find yourself" was implemented by the Lithuanian Labor Exchange in cooperation with JRD at SADM. The project is financed from the structural funds of the European Union. The information was prepared by Ilona Jokubaukienė, coordinator of Vietas JGI