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Promoting the creation and development of social business in the Telšiai region

European Union funds investment action program 2014-2020, no. 08.5.1-ESFA-K-853-01-0017.

The main goal of the project is to ensure an effective solution to the social problems of society in Telšiai County. During the implementation period of the project, two activities will be implemented (incentives for social business start-up and promotion of social business development), which will include:

  • informational events for the promotion of social business creation in 4 municipalities of Telšiai County;
  • social business publicity campaign;
  • work on clarifying the specific social problems and challenges of Telšiai County municipalities and possible ways of solving them and utilizing opportunities;
  • training on social business development;
  • working sessions for creating a sustainable social business;
  • provision of final beneficiaries (social businesses – legal entities) with equipment and devices and services;
  • individual consultations on social business issues.

During the implementation of the project, it will be aimed to create 12 social businesses, at least 6 of which will be successfully operating after the end of the project 12 months later.

Project duration - 20 months. from 2020 month of January. on the 28th until 2021 September. on the 28th

The total budget of the project is EUR 257,013.60, the funds allocated by the European Social Fund are EUR 221,445.58.

Leading project partner (applicant) - Plungė School of Technology and Business | LT.

Project partners :

  • VšĮ Rietava tourism and business information center | EN;

  • VšĮ Mažeikiai tourism and business information center | EN;

  • Telšiai County Business Incubator | LT.

Jolanta Gintalienė, head of the Mažeikiai tourism and business information center, j.gintaliene , +370 6 85 78456

The information was prepared with the financial support of the European Union. VšĮ Mažeikiai tourism and business information center is responsible for the content of this information. Under no circumstances can it be considered to reflect the opinion of the European Union.