Mažeikių turizmo ir verslo informacijos centras

About us

The public institution "Mažeikiai Tourism and Business Information Center" (MTVIC) is a budgetary institution established on November 3, 2003.

The mission is to provide consultations and training for the business community and community members, to promote the initiative of residents in order to engage in business, to contribute to the increase of employment of residents and the growth of the economic development of the district.

The main goals are to ensure the priority development of the small and medium business sector in Mažeikiai district, to promote tourism services, etc.

The center maintains close relations with businessmen of the district, the Mažeikiai Businessmen's Association, the Association of Lithuanian Tourism Information Centers, the Confederation of Lithuanian Employers, the Association of Lithuanian Small Businessmen and Traders.

Meetings, seminars, trainings are organized, consultations are provided, projects are implemented.