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Health path

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Briefly about the route
35 km
7 h.
Route surface
100% Asphalt

For those who lack health or want to gain knowledge about it , we suggest choosing the Health Path in the Mažeikiai region. The objects we offer to visit will not only provide you with wellness procedures, but also the opportunity to consult. We believe that this trip is perfect for those who want to spend an active day in our Mažeikiai region.

Briefly about the visited objects:

Organic farm of herbalist - pharmacognostic Jadvyga Balvočiūtė
in 2003 J. Balvočiūtė established an exposition of medicinal plants on his farm for the purpose of education. It is willingly visited by children's and adult excursions, individual visitors, Lithuanian guests from abroad. Get to know, consult, taste, buy.

Museum of Viešnias Pharmacy
It is the only rural type, 19th century. - 20th century functioning pharmacies, a museum in Lithuania with surviving pharmacist's living and working premises. During the summer and autumn, you can get to know the herbs growing in the courtyard garden.

Paulianka hill
In this wonderful environment surrounded by nature, on the banks of the Venta river, you can stay for the night, eat (Paulianka's inn), and also treat yourself to the pleasures of the sauna and hot tub, and if you want extreme emotions, the river is easily accessible for swimming.

"Deep" | Physical medicine and rehabilitation
The high-quality, timely rehabilitation procedures provided by the Mažeikiai Rehabilitation Center help to recover lost working capacity faster, to accumulate new physical and spiritual strength while returning to the normal rhythm of work and everyday life. Massages, water and other health treatments will allow you to regain lost strength.



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