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Ecological farm of herbalist - pharmacognosist Jadvyga Balvočiūtė

Impressive objects

2003 J.Balvočiūtė has established an exposition of medicinal plants on her farm for the purpose of education. Excursions for children and adults, individual visitors, Lithuanian guests from abroad are happy to visit it.
This outdoor exposition can be interesting for people who are not indifferent to nature, are interested in wild and cultural herbs, medicinal properties of plants, folk medicine, botany, ecology, national traditions. In addition to medicinal plants, there are several ornamental and food plants on display. The plants in the exposition begin to vegetate and bloom at different times, so if you want to get to know specific plants well, it’s worth asking at what time it’s better to arrive.
The plant exposition is located next to the clay barn built in Balvočiai according to the tradition of the region. Insect life boils on its walls during the warm season.
The exposition of medicinal plants can be viewed independently or a group tour can be booked.
Visitors can also admire the nearby Virvytė riverside, spend the day there, set up a tent, swim, play. Herbal teas can be purchased on the farm.


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