Mažeikių turizmo ir verslo informacijos centras

Adventure in nature

The field office is a non-profit community organization in Mazeikiai. Its members not only organize various city events, but also provide learning activities for those who want to improve and have fun together . In the field, using various experiential learning methods, it is suggested to order educations on the following topics :

  • Educational trip to nature - an adventure (being here and now, feeling nature);
  • Group formation challenge (integrating a few familiar or new people into a common group);
  • The challenge of team building (creating stronger interpersonal communication, managing processes and solving problems);
  • The topic and methods are freely combined .

The team has many years of experience in providing non-formal education in Lithuania and abroad, so it is ready for various challenges. GPS, maps, walkie-talkies, respect, survival in nature, reflection, the warmth of a campfire, cooking and many other components that create miracles in the hands of all of us - IN NATURE.

Each program is tailored individually, as it depends on the number of people, expectations, time of season and other factors. Everyone's safety (physical and emotional) is very important to us, so we attach special importance to preparation.

Interested? Something unclear? Do you have any observations? Do you want to feel more nature and yourself?

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