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The first picnic to commemorate International Friendship Day is being organized in Mazeikiai

The 30th of July is International Friendship Day and to mark this occasion Mažeikia Tourism and Business Information Center is organizing a picnic in Mažeikia. We would like to invite all expats living in Mažeikiai city or region to attend - whether you are here permanently or just temporarily. We hope not only to show you the friendly side of Mažeikiai and its people, but help in starting an international community as well. The exact details of the event are still being decided and we would love to get your input! Head to and fill in our form. If you would like to get to know the city or the region a little bit better while you are, visit us in person at Ventos g. 8A, Mazeikiai, online at or email us at



  • Gi

    Congratulations for the initiative. It will be a good opportunity to have new friends in Mazeikiai.+

  • La

    Super kaip šaunu,,daugiau tokio bendravimo ,,,susibūrimo be alkoholio ,,,,ačiū