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The water mill of Vejenii


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Currently, it is a quite popular public space in Viekšnii, where you can sit down, admire the view of nature and the gurgling of the river. Some information about the Viekšniai mill:

in 1897 The Viekšniai mill was built by Pranciskus Lengvenis (the son of a farmer from Miliai village).

1909 Priest Velavicius sold his part of the mill to the Jew J. Lesem.

in 1918 the mill went to J. Lesem (after long disputes).

1920 rollers installed in the mill.

in 1925 – wool carding and spinning mill, renovated milo weaving mill.

in 1928 a generator was installed to supply the town with electricity.

in 1999 the mill is privatized, a small hydroelectric power plant is installed.


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