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Chapel pillar of five hearts in Tirkšliai


The five-heart chapel pillar was built in Tirkšliai by an unknown author in 1676. The chapel pillar stands on the edge of the town square.

There are many legends about the appearance of the chapel pillar. One of them states that during the Swedish attack on the Samogitians, the owner of Tirkšliai and the defender of Apuolė Castle, Važinskis, had left to gather troops in the area. The Swedes arrived in Tirkšlius and started looking for Važinskis. Važinskienė, who saw them, hid with four children in one of the three underground caves of the manor. The Swedes invaded but found nothing. After catching the guard, they asked where the landlord and his family were. However, the guard did not betray and did not show the hiding place. Angry Swedes took the guard to the town square and killed him there. When he returned home, Važinskis found all the members of the family alive and well. To a faithful guardian who saved the lives of his family members by erecting a brick monument with five red hearts.